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The silicone slap bracelets are the common product in silicone gifts and they are often used in educational or commercial gifts. The inside of the silicone slap bracelet is a high-toughness steel sheet, which is covered with imported silicone and has a simple appearance. The high quality bracelet has the previous characteristics:
1. The surface is made of environmentally friendly silicone.
2, the product is soft and safe, will not cause any adverse reactions to human skin.
3, LOGO patterns can be printed in various ways.
4. The products have passed relevant safety certifications.
5, the product is more durable, durable and durable than other materials.
The color is formulated by adding a certain amount of color paste to the raw material. The colors on the Pantone Color card are available. The product size is 250*30mm and can be customized. The silicone slap bracelets can be used in the gift industry, such as commercial promotion, outdoor advertising, gathering parties and other places. We can print any custom logo and message on the silicone slap bracelets for you.




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