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According to a study, Indians tend to "add shopping carts first and empty them" when shopping online -- "just look at them but not buy them". Analysts believe that this is largely because Indians are very price-sensitive. Researchers surveyed the shopping habits of 1,000 online consumers in India and found that 56% of them would delete items after filling up their shopping carts. The reason is that most consumers think the price is higher than expected, and nearly half of them say they will compare prices on different platforms. And Indian consumers often delay completing orders. Our silicone wristbands are very cheap to meet the needs of Indian customers about silicone wristband online india. Many Indian customers will come to us to place orders after comparing the prices of other websites. The silicone wristband online india is a major goal of our global strategy. We focus on promoting the silicone wristband online india.



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