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When customers customize the silicone wristband here, they all want to see the template of the silicone wristband. Silicone wristband template is a kind of design, electronic version of the design is entirely based on the customer's customized wristband. The size, color, logo or text style, quantity and packing requirements of the wristband shown on the design drawing are completely in accordance with the customer's customized requirements and are same as the customer's order content. Our silicone wristband template is provided free of charge. Even if the customer does not place an order immediately, and only want an inquiry, we will also provide the silicone wristband template free of charge according to the customer's request and send it to the customer’s mailbox. This is one of our great strengths: timely quotation with silicone wristband template. Welcome to contact us for price consultation and more silicone wristband template.


silicone wristband 1   silicone wristband 2



silicone wristband 3 silicone wristband 4


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