Different colour of the silicone bracelet
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We offer different colours of small colored rubber bands for bracelets. Do you know what the different colors of  small colored rubber bands for bracelets stand for?
Red represents enthusiasm, liveliness and publicity. Easy to inspire courage, red easy to attract people's attention.
Orange is fashionable, youthful, dynamic and full of vitality. Orange is a cheerful and lively glorious color and the warmest color in the warm color system.
Green, fresh, healthy and hopeful are the symbols of life. Represents the feeling of safety, calm and comfort.
Blue is a vast color, and the vast landscape of the sky and the sea is blue.
Black is noble and steady. Most of the designs of daily necessities and clothing use black to create noble images. It is also a main color that is always popular. It is suitable for matching with many colors.
In addition to these colours, we can also make other colours of small colored rubber bands for bracelets. Just need to tell us the Pantone number or colour name of the colour you like, we can make good silicone bracelets that you are satisfied with. 



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