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Now as long as there are children in the family, no matter one or several, whether they have come out or adopted, they are the apple of the eye of the elders. Many families pay special attention to children's birthdays. Every year we help our children prepare for their birthdays. Children can spend their birthdays at home or in kindergarten. But many families choose to go out to play places to invite many relatives, friends and children. At the children's birthday party, we can make some custom-made small silicone wristbands for the children on the spot. Our small silicone wristbands can be printed on birthday dates, banquet venues or cartoon logos that children like. Our small silicone wristbands are environmentally friendly products, they are made of 100% eco-friendly silicone material, they do not harm the children's body and can be safely worn by children. .Our MOQ for the small silicone wristbands is 1pcs. Even if you buy only one, we will make the design for you free, and give you the wristbands and key chains as a small gift. The size of our small silicone wristbands are 5 inches to 6 inches.

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