Why solid color silicone wristbands are popular
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Silicone wristbands can be customized with many colors, and people often buy solid color silicone wristbands. Solid color silicone wristbands can be black, red, pink, purple or any other color on a pantone color card, and can be made by the quartz wristband factory.The solid color silicone wristbands are available in molded debossed, debossd colorfilled, screen Print, And embossed,embossed printed. There are 0.25",0.5",0.75",1" or other larger sizes of solid color silicone wristbands. The price of solid color silicone wristbands are cheaper than swirl,segment and Dual design.Silicone wristbands are usually made of silicon, eco-friendly silicon material is nontoxic and harmless, Custom rubber bracelets are top promotional item for your company, cause or organization, people can ware solid color silicone wristbands during party, event or sport and can enhance their awareness.


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