We need to know standard wristband size
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Customize your logo or text on a silicone wristband to expand your ideas or to know people around you. Silicone wristband is a real green accessories. They are very popular and widely used all over the world.
When you contact the Silicone wristbands factory on the Internet to customize the Silicone wristbands, you need to know what styles and colors they have, especially the size. If you buy the wrong size, you can't wear it. Do you know what standard wristband size is? Standard wristband size generally refers to the size commonly used in silicone wristband. For adults, the circumference is 8 inches; for youth, the circumference is 7 inches; for children, the circumference is 6 inches. The usual width is 0.5 inches. Another saying of standard wristband size is 202*12*2mm, 180*12*2mm and 160*12*2mm.



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