How does the stroke awareness silicone bracelet work
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We can order stroke awareness silicone bracelet for our parents.Effective detection of atrial fibrillation, when atrial fibrillation occurs, the orderly electrical activity of the atrium is lost, and the effective atrial contraction function disappears. At this time, the flow of blood in the atrium is eddy. When atrial fibrillation lasts for more than 48 hours, thrombosis may occur in the atrium. When the resulting thrombus falls off, it will flow with the artery and stop where, which may cause blockage of the corresponding parts of the blood vessels, such as cerebral embolism, lower extremity artery embolism, mesenteric artery embolism and so on. Among these embolic events, the most common one is cerebral embolism, namely stroke, which is often referred to as "stroke".
Affected with atrial fibrillation is really good to prevent stroke, atrial fibrillation will make the heart pump blood efficiency lower, blood flow rate slower, thrombosis, when the thrombus blocked the cerebral vessels will occur stroke. The incidence of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation is more than five times higher than that in patients without atrial fibrillation, and nearly one third of stroke patients are related to atrial fibrillation, which shows how closely they are related. Wearing stroke awareness silicone bracelet bracelets is helpful for people.



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