What' the uv silicone wristband
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Now people like to customize silicone bracelet,silicone bracelet printed on their favorite logo, text and even photos. But many people's silicone bracelet is solid, that is, only one color bracelet, black, yellow, red and so on. Although the bracelet is very beautiful, if the bracelet is special, it will make you unique. So what kind of silicone bracelet is a special style? The uv silicone wristband is highly recommended. Maybe many people don’t know the uv silicone wristband .What is uv silicone wristband? Normally the uv silicone wristband is transparent, no color. But when exposed to bright light or sunlight, the transparent bracelet gradually turns purple or blue. Isn't it cool to walk down the street with this bracelet? Parents can also ask their children to wear uv silicone wristband, which can remind them not to stay outdoors for long time when the uv silicone wristband becomes very dark color. 

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