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We often meet some customers who buy wristbands and say they don't know if their wrists can be worn. At this time, our staff will tell the customers about the measurement method, or suggest which age is suitable for our usual size. Customers tell us their wrist circumference or what age they are buying for. Our staff are experienced and can tell the customers the right size. We can also send some free samples of different sizes to customers, when they received our samples they can have a test. We don't need to choose too large size of the wristbands, it will fall off easily when we wear it. The elasticity of the silicone wristband is very good. Generally speaking, it is the best way for customers to choose sizes according to our wristband size guide. Welcome to contact us and get the free samples and wristband size guide.



silicone wristband 01   silicone wristband 02



silicone wristband 03     silicone wristband 04


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